SMART HOMES: All You Need to Know

Smart homes have no definite descriptions. One smart home can be completely different from the other one in terms of features, and still be referred to as smart. So what are smart homes? This comprehensive article will tell you all you need to know about smart homes.

What are Smart Homes?

Smart homes are automated homes which are infused with technology to make living more comfortable and safe. In these homes, smart devices are interconnected and controlled through a central device such as a smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, PC, or laptop. Examples of smart devices are smart thermostats, smart sensors, lights, switches and dimmers, smart doors, doorbells, locks, etc. in short, anything that can be controlled through the central device will be called the constituent of a smart home.

Smart devices can be installed in two ways: as wireless devices, and as hard-wired ones. Wireless devices are easier and cheaper to install compared to their counterparts; however, hard-wired devices are long-lasting and also harder to hack, thus increasing the security of your home.

Why are smart homes so popular?

Today, smart homes are everywhere. According to, the number of smart homes in the world is about to reach 4782 million in 2025. Here are some reasons which demonstrate why smart homes are gaining popularity every day:

  • Smart homes are convenient and fun to use. Every device installed in the smart home can be controlled with a click or a command from the controller instead of having to set every device manually.
  • Users can get notifications regarding their appliances and also control them remotely. So, if during a trip you suddenly remember that you forgot to switch off the iron, simply take out your smartphone and command the iron to shut off. As easy as that!
  • The common myth is that smart homes are ridiculously expensive, but in reality, it does not require a lot of money or effort to start with a basic smart home. Install some smart lights and switches in the first year, and next year you can buy a security system. A good smart home is not set in stone but keeps evolving as new devices, gadgets, and appliances are added to it.
  • Using hard-wired appliances as opposed to wireless ones increases the resale value of smart homes.

Some people may argue that smart homes are not safe and prone to cyber-attacks, but this is not true. As with everything related to the internet, this is not a problem that won’t be solved by using strong passwords, effective firewalls and complex encryption methods. Installing hard-wired devices also reduces the risks of hackers and intruders.

What devices should I start with?

  • Thermostats

Smart thermostats are excellent devices to adjust your home’s temperature according to your needs. According to the climate of your region, thermostats can learn to regulate temperatures, for example, lowering the temperature in the daytime for warmer regions, and increasing the temperatures at night.

  • Security Locks

A good security system will keep its owner safe and sound and the intruders away. Through software connected to the security system, you can easily lock and unlock your door, and even keep track of who enters and leaves the house.

  • Lights and Fans

Don’t feel like getting up to alter the fan speed? That is where smart light and fans come in. A click on the phone can control not only the on/off mechanism, but also adjust the speed of the fan, or the lightning according to your choice.

  • Smoke Detector

An excellent device for keeping the house and its residents safe, a smart smoke detector has sensors that can detect smoke and unlike traditional smoke detectors, it sends notifications to the phone along with sounding a warning alarm. In case of a false alarm, the device can be turned off with merely a click on the phone.

  • Robotic Vacuum

Robotic vacuums now come with dirt and grime detecting sensors to ensure better cleaning. Through an app, their route can be set and they can be programmed to stay away from areas which do not need cleaning.

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